HOTGIRLS is a youth-driven, grassroots 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to improve the health and lives of young women and girls residing in medically underserved and economically disadvantaged communities by providing girl-centered leadership development, health education, and media literacy programming inspired by youth culture. HOTGIRLS was founded by Dr. Carla Stokes on November 21, 2001 while she was enrolled as a doctoral student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

For more than a decade, HOTGIRLS has implemented programs that reflect our belief that young women and girls are capable of creating positive changes in their lives and communities.  Over the years, we have grown into an award-winning youth-led organization that has reached thousands of youth and positively transformed the lives of countless young women and girls through our innovative programming.  We have implemented leadership development programs that have empowered young women and girls to take collective strategic action in their communities to address issues of concern to them such as gender-based violence, street harassment, HIV/AIDS, self-esteem, and images of women and girls in the media.  Through our life-changing work, we promote the positive development and well being of youth and girls by providing a supportive and empowering space that inspires them to overcome challenges, make healthy choices and take action to create a safer and better world for women and girls.

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What Are We Working On?

  • Building on our pioneering hip hop media literacy and youth media production work, we are working on several cutting-edge projects, including “I Am Worth It,” a national campaign to challenge the way young women and girls view themselves and the way they are perceived and treated by their peers and society.
  • We are making plans to expand HOTGIRLS programs to other girl-serving organizations.
  • We are working on an online store featuring HOTGIRLS merchandise.