A Welcome Message from Our Founder, Dr. Carla Stokes


Dear HOTGIRLS Friends & Supporters,

Helping Our Teen Girls In Real Life Situations, Inc. (HOTGIRLS)® is a youth-driven, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young women and girls to make healthy choices, create social change and become leaders in their communities.

During my doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, I founded HOTGIRLS in November 2001 with $20 and a vision for educating and uplifting disadvantaged women and girls residing in medically underserved communities that are hardest hit by HIV/AIDS, violence, poverty, the sexualization of women and girls and racial/ethnic health disparities.  Over the years, we have grown into an award-winning youth-led organization that has reached thousands of youth and positively transformed the lives of countless young women and girls through our innovative leadership development and health education programming.

Since our inception, HOTGIRLS has implemented programs that reflect our belief that young women and girls are capable of creating positive changes in their lives and communities.  We promote the positive development and well being of youth and girls by providing a supportive and empowering space that inspires them to overcome challenges, make healthy choices and take action to create a safer and better world for women and girls.

I am deeply humbled that we have received many requests to replicate our programs from schools and youth-serving organizations around the world. We are committed to sharing our girl empowerment vision with a larger audience, and are calling on our supporters and allies to help us expand our programs to reach young women and girls in disadvantaged communities around the world. However we need your help to accomplish our mission.

I urge you to support HOTGIRLS by giving whatever you can so that we can continue to help the next generation of women and girl leaders reach their full potential.  HOTGIRLS depends on supporters like you, and your tax-deductible contribution will make a tremendous difference in the lives of youth.  

Can we count on you to help us raise essential funds to support our invaluable work?

Please take a look around our web site to learn more about our work and sign up for our email newsletter for exciting updates. You can help us raise awareness about our cause by following us on Facebook and Twitter and spreading the word about HOTGIRLS among your family, friends, and colleagues and encouraging them to consider making a donation to help support our important work. I thank you in advance for your generous support.

With gratitude,

Dr. Carla Stokes

P.S.: If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, please contact us. Click for more information about our name and to read testimonials from young women and girls.

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