Thank you for your support. HOTGIRLS is no longer operating. This website is an archive and celebration of our work.

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Donna Clark presents the NAUW Community Service Grant Award to Dr. Carla for HOTGIRLS. [Read more…]

HOTGIRLS gratefully acknowledges every organization and corporation that has supported our programs and activities over the years.


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  • Meeting Space donated by the John H. Harland Boys & Girls Club, Spelman College, and Lowman Group, Inc.

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Volunteer Spotlight

We greatly appreciate all of our volunteers. Listed below are featured volunteers whose sustained dedication has made a significant difference for HOTGIRLS over the years.

Yasin Parker is the 2009 Volunteer of the Year. Yasin selected HOTGIRLS as the field placement site for her undergraduate heatlh education practicum during the Spring 2009. She was an invaluable resource to the HOTGIRLS staff and volunteers and played a major role in organizing our 6th annual summit. Thank you, Yasin for your hard work and dedication to HOTGIRLS!

Ashanda Esdaille is the 2008 Volunteer of the Year. Ashanda has been a valuable asset to HOTGIRLS ever since she joined the Young Women’s Leadership Council as a founding member in 2007. Ashanda generously volunteered her time as the YWLC program coordinator during the 2008-2009 academic year and played a key role in recruiting and training new members. Thank you Ashanda, for always being willing the help out in any way possible.

Daphne is the 2007 Volunteer of the Year. Daphne has been an extremely dedicated FIREGRL Club volunteer since the program was started at the Harland Boys & Girls Club in October 2006. Daphne has developed activities for the FIREGRL Club and web site, recruited volunteers, and mentored the young women involved in the program. Daphne is always willing to help in any way possible (with a smile). In recognition of her dedication, Daphne was invited to join the Young Women’s Leadership Council. Thank you, Daphne, for sharing your time and energy!

Nicole Clark is the 2006 Volunteer of the Year. Since April 2006, Nicole has been a talented addition to the HOTGIRLS team. Nicole has assisted the Executive Director with the FIREGRL Club and the Young Women’s Leadership Council–and many other tasks that needed to be completed. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your time and talent with HOTGIRLS.

HOTGIRLS founder Dr. Carla Stokes is our 2005 Volunteer of the Year. Since 2001, she has generously volunteered countless hours of her time to lead our efforts to improve the lives of women and girls. Thank you, Carla, for believing in our mission and continuing to rise above and beyond the call of duty for HOTGIRLS.

Denise White is our 2004 Volunteer of the Year. Denise is a reliable and dedicated volunteer who unselfishly assisted with and the Street Team while completing her senior year at Spelman College. The Street Team extends sincere thanks to Denise for all of her hard work on the 2004 Summit.

Nancy Townsend is our 2003 Volunteer of the Year. An exceptionally talented young woman who designed this HOTGIRLS web site at the age of fourteen, Nancy has generously contributed her time, creativity, and energy to the design of over the past two years. Thank you, Nancy, for all you have contributed to HOTGIRLS and

The law firm of Bodman, Longely and Dahling LLP is the 2002 Volunteer of the Year. Courtland Anderson, Susan Kornfield, David McKee, Randolph Perry, Angela Alvarez Sujek, and Christina Torossian have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping to get HOTGIRLS off the ground. These attorneys have provided ongoing pro bono legal services including general corporate, tax, employment, contract, Internet, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property matters. Randolph Perry and Christina Torossian were also instrumental in helping HOTGIRLS attain and maintain our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

The law firm was also honored as the 2002 Law Firm of the Year by Community Legal Resources in recognition of its outstanding pro bono legal assistance to nonprofit community organizations including HOTGIRLS.

We are indebted to Bodman, Longley & Dahling LLP for helping HOTGIRLS accomplish our mission.