Thank you for your support. HOTGIRLS is no longer operating. This website is an archive and celebration of our work.

What We Do

Our Audience

Helping Our Teen Girls In Real Life Situations, Inc. (HOTGIRLS)® educates the general public about health, media literacy, and social justice issues that affect young women and girls.  Although the primary beneficiaries of HOTGIRLS are young women and girls in the Atlanta metropolitan area, we also reach educators, concerned adults, young men and boys, and youth residing in economically disadvantaged communities around the United States through workshops, presentations, and online education.

Health & Media Education

HOTGIRLS educates young women and girls about sexuality, dating violence, body image, media literacy, self-esteem, self-empowerment, healthy choices, youth activism, and social justice issues through a variety of delivery formats.  We also train young women and girls in technology and media production. We work closely with youth and community-based organizations to ensure that our programming is up-to-date, relevant, youth-friendly, and informed by real-life situations that affect young women and girls.

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Photo of the Girls Leadership Council and Volunteers

Girls Leadership Council members and Spelman College volunteers at an HIV/AIDS awareness event at Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta, GA

Youth Leadership Development

HOTGIRLS builds the leadership potential of young women and girls and fosters self-empowerment through all of our programs.

  • Youth Advisors: Our youth advisors are young women and girls who have demonstrated leadership potential and commitment to advancing our mission.  Youth advisors create positive changes in their communities, educate their peers about teen issues, record their own music, create content for HOTGIRLS web sites, and receive training in leadership development, peer health education, youth organizing, and media production.
  • Young Women’s Leadership Council: The YWLC is a leadership development and peer education program for young women enrolled in colleges and universities in Atlanta.