Thank you for your support. HOTGIRLS is no longer operating. This website is an archive and celebration of our work.

Transformed Lives

Watch the video below to hear our Youth Advisors describe the impact of HOTGIRLS on young women and girls. It has been an honor to make a difference in the lives of youth.

“Being in this program helmed me develop leadership skills and increased my passion for starting a nonprofit organization to better the African American community.”

Sha-ri Jenkins

“Helping our Teen Girls In Real Life Situations is an organization that focuses on real issues that affect African-American girls in today’s society.  I feel that organizations sometimes focus on issues that they believe girls are going through, rather than reaching out to these young women and finding out what concerns they are actually faced with.  Interning with HOTGIRLS allowed me to interact with young African-Americans and view topics from their standpoint.  This has enabled me to look at different ways to tackle these issues and educate these young females.”

Yasin, 22, Atlanta, GA

“Being a member of H.O.T.G.I.R.L.S., Inc. has fueled the passion in my heart to improve my life and become a part of a movement that will enhance the state of black women and girls. Since I began participating in H.O.T.G.I.R.L.S., Inc., I have become a better woman and an advocate for issues that are dear to me. I have had the opportunity to participate with likeminded individuals committed to improving the lives of black women and girls.  I will forever cherish my experience with H.O.T.G.I.R.L.S., Inc., and will forever continue to pursue the mission of the organization.”

– Salimah Bey, Atlanta, GA

“HOTGIRLS has been such a huge part of my life and college experience ever since I became a part of the organization my sophomore year. Through HOTGIRLS I’ve learned to have a voice and be outgoing and active on educating others about the issues that affect young black teen girls. I also learned the importance of using creative and innovative ways to engage teenage girls and get them to share their thoughts and experiences. HOTGIRLS is an organization that promotes personal growth and community activism among the women who lead it and the teenagers it works to reach.”

– Vannessa, Atlanta, GA

“Being involved in HOTGIRLS has given me the opportunity to give back to the community in ways that I never could have imagined.  I love being able to work directly with African-American teenage girls and help them with issues that are affecting our community.  HOTGIRLS has also helped me to enhance my leadership abilities, as it allows me to be a leader amongst my own peer group.”

– Brittany, Atlanta, GA

“HOTGIRLS is an organization dear to my heart because of its work toward improving the health and lives of black women and girls. We address the issues that black women and girls face every day.  I worked with HOTGIRLS for most of my college career, and through HOTGIRLS, I have been able to make an impact on the community. Through mentorship and community service HOTGIRLS has not only had an impact on the community, but it also has allowed me to grow as a leader.”

– Kristina, 22, NJ/Atlanta, GA, YWLC

“Helping Our Teen Girls In Real Life Situations,” is an organization that has not only provided me with the opportunity to help younger girls, but it has aided me in my development as a young woman as well. HOTGIRLS is the epitome of the kind of support and help a young lady needs to make the best choices throughout the most important years of her life. Being a member of HOTGIRLS, I have been able to play a significant role in the lives of young girls as a positive role model serving as someone they can feel comfortable talking to about anything.  HOTGIRLS serves as an outstanding and effective source of knowledge and support to the youth in the surrounding communities!”

– Sakeissa Age 20, Atlanta GA

“As a member of HOTGIRLS, I have learned so much about my position in society.  Dr. Carla has been an inspiration by showing her dedication to helping young women make it through everything thrown our way from disrespectful pick-up lines to knowing our true worth.”

– Katie B., 20, Atlanta, GA

“Dr. Carla has always been there for me no matter what my problem was. If you ask her anything she will try to her best to answer it with her true heart, no lies no matter if her outlook may not be what u want to hear. When I met Dr. Carla in 2007 it was just something about the glow she had around her that made me feel that I would be real cool with her for a very long time. She is one of them grown ups that really do care about what u have to say and not let it go in one ear and out the other. As a teen girl I was blessed to meet someone who spoke out about the things teen girls go through and are too scared to say anything about it because of what others may say about them. If the world had more people like Dr. Carla for teens around people would grow up to be much better people and [negative] things in black America would not be going on. So I think that anyone would be proud to say that I am a part of HOTGIRLS and that I know Dr. Carla.”

– Alethia, 18, Atlanta, GA

“Dr. Carla goes beyond the scope of a mentor. I remember going to the HOTGIRLS sessions when I was 16 and feeling a sense of empowerment. Dr. Carla was one of the few adults that I knew who could converse with youth on their level. She is very honest, caring and inspirational. When my step-father passed away, Dr. Carla sent me a care package enclosed with a book and a journal on how to deal with a loss of a parent. I didn’t expect anything from her yet those two gifts helped me deal with my loss. She truly cares about our youth and is so selfless in doing so. I’ll never forget how Dr. Carla would pick us up in her car, help us design the (teen) summits, and be such a good friend and fellow black woman that I can admire and look up to. She has a good heart and she shows her dedication each day when she goes into the community to educate.”

– Ja’Celynn Porter, 21, Lithonia, GA

“Dr. Carla Stokes is a remarkable, genuine, and down to earth person that is truly inspiring. For the three years that I have known her I have witnessed the many ways she has demonstrated her passion and dedication for helping young women and girls, and I admire her strength and perseverance to successfully fulfill her mission. What I love the most about her is her kind heart, humble spirit, and the fact that she is so easy to talk to. I remember many times when I sought her out for advice or council and she listened, and actively worked with me towards finding a solution.  With her help I was able to overcome many obstacles in my life and now I am actively pursuing my goals with a positive attitude. She has motivated me to make each day a better one by taking it one step at a time, and I truly appreciate her for that because whenever you ask her for something, she is the type of person who is genuinely concerned and will go out of her way to help you. Many of these qualities carry over into her work with young women and girls because I have witnessed how so many young girls feel so comfortable opening up to her because she is so open-minded and honest, and she is not one to judge. She is a positive role model to many and I feel so fortunate to have gained her as my mentor.”

– Daphne Cole, 21, Atlanta, GA

“Dr. Carla has truly been an inspiration in my life and the lives of many young girls. Dr. Carla’s dedication to her work with teenage girls has inspired me to become committed to serving my community. I am most impressed with her ability to relate to and understand young girls, and the problems they are facing in everyday life. Through HOTGIRLS, Dr. Carla has created a space in which young girls can share their stories, learn about themselves inside and out, and grow into young women.”

– Ashley D. Johnson, 22, Atlanta, GA

“Dr. Carla was the first young professional to influence my life. Meeting her and joining HOTGIRLS when I was 16 played a crucial part in developing me into the woman I have become. At such a young age I was able to address issues affecting teens that help me consciously live my life. Dr. Carla leads by example as a positive role model and advocate for positive living environments and healthy lifestyles.”

– Teni-Ola Ogunjobi, 21, Atlanta, GA.

“Dr. Carla Stokes is truly one of a kind.  She possesses the ideals of professionalism and has perfected her mentoring capabilities through her involvement with H.O.T.G.I.R.L.S., the YWLC at Spelman College, and various other service activities across America.  I met Carla during the early part of my sophomore year at Spelman College, and I was blown away by how much she had accomplished at her young age.  Eager to please who she is serving, Carla makes you feel like your opportunities in life are limitless, and with persistence and hard work, you will accomplish your goals.  I looked to Carla as a mentor throughout my years at Spelman because she was a Spelman alumna working hard in the streets trying to encourage, motivate, and educate Atlanta’s teen girls on topics that have been affecting African American girls and women forever.  She lets all who she is involved with know that their lives, and more importantly their futures, mean something to her, and that is what I call a role model. Inviting, funny, and strong, Carla was the big sister I never had.”

– Diana S., 22, Atlanta, GA

“Working with HOTGIRLS has been REAL!  We tackle REAL issues that REAL girls face.  Today’s society often overlooks conditions in the black community and fails to acknowledge that all girls do not have the same experiences.  Dr. Carla brings the obstacles girls of color face to the forefront and tackles them head on.”

– Bianca Pete, 20

“Dr. Carla has opened my eyes to the struggle that young women face day to day by putting those struggles into a perspective that one doesn’t often care to look at because the truth maybe too hurtful.  I’ve only been involved with HOTGIRLS for a year, but it was more than long enough for me to see the passion that Dr. Carla possesses to help with the advancement of young black women.  She has allowed me to realize that my life is not complete unless I am helping young girls grow into the young, beautiful women that they are destined to be.  I know what it’s like to live in low-income housing.  I know what it’s like to feel like there is no hope and this program has allowed me to realize that I have gone through my personal experiences not only to make me stronger, but to help those who have come up just like me.”

– Mandisa, 20, Albany, GA

“In a world where there aren’t many outlets reaching out to African American girls, Carla Stokes created an organization where girls can learn more about themselves in a positive environment. A strong and determined woman, Carla Stokes’ work with young women is phenomenal. As a young woman enrolled at Howard University, knowing that there are big sisters out there willing to help not only myself, but other young women is amazing.”

– Kenya Jordan James